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I believe regular people are sick of being dictated to and bullied by those who have been in power too long. They seem to believe it is their “destiny” to rule over us. The average punter needs the chance to vote for a real freedom party, a party with liberty at its very core. Not a party who discovered “more freedom” just in time for an election. Not a Green ring-in pretending to be a Freedom “Independent” and waiting until after the election to reveal their true colours and cut off our 24/7 reliable electricity.

I am a Richmond local through and through and know the special difficulties we face, being a border community a long way from Sydney. This was brought into sharp focus when Queensland selfishly closed its border to the good folk of Richmond. The heartless attitude of those responsible and the spinelessness from our representatives were unforgivable. Know that I will fight for our community. When everyday people “have a go” they should get a fair crack!

As a proud small business owner I have seen how petty interference from government’s mini-tyrants lording it over us ruin small businesses. This hurts those risking their money but it also hurts everyone, the whole community from Ballina to Tweed Heads, who would enjoy all the wonderful services small business provides.

Small businesses should know I will have their back whether in Richmond or around the country.

I never wanted a political “career” and only reluctantly agreed to run because Richmond has been politically “too safe” for too long. It’s time we weren’t taken for granted in Richmond. It’s time “to shake things up”. It’s time to regain our liberty!

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